God is faithful. He hears my prayers and supplies all of my needs.

You know, as I settle down for the night I have a chance to reflect on today’s events and I must say, God is faithful. He hears my prayers and supplies all of my needs.

Challenge – I took a little break from SIS last month for some much needed rest after some major life changes. I tried to reach out to our group to get us back on schedule and reconnect in March. When only one person confirmed, I was a little discourage (I must admit) and I made an executive decision to cancel the meeting and focus on actively reaching and reminding everyone about the next scheduled meeting on March 29, 2014. As a result, I spent some of my quiet time on Sunday feeling a little disappointed and sorry for myself for letting the group down by taking the break in February. Then my negative thoughts started to get louder “SIS isn’t needed anyway” and “Maybe I didn’t hear God clearly about my purpose and His calling for me to start this ministry”.

Confirmation – So Monday morning comes and I go about my day (pushing these thoughts to the back of my mind) and I get a call:

“Sjunseeargn, I’m happy to say that I got the job! If it wasn’t for you encouraging me and preparing me I wouldn’t have had the courage to go to that interview, as it was my first and I didn’t even believe in me…but YOU did! Thank You!”

Wow, so needless to say I was ELATED and I thanked God for answering my prayer that morning as I interceded on my SIS’ behalf. As the conversation continued, my she began to share with me her recollection of the first time we met and how she immediately knew there was something “special” about me. I was humbled and grateful that God could use me to help her.

I was so grateful and honored that she shared her testimony and encouraging words with me, because I needed to hear them more than she knew. I then called a close friend to share the challenge and the confirmation but before I shared the confirmation she interjected to suggest

“you shouldn’t have cancelled the meeting because there was “just one” R.S.V.P. ; maybe that’s the “one” that needed you the most”.

Wow again! She was absolutely right. What a teachable moment. I agreed wholeheartedly to keep that in mind going forward (see, a different perspective can provide much wisdom and insight). I thank God for surrounding me with trusted advisors who love me enough to tell me the truth in love. 

Later this evening, I met a woman who offered to share her challenges in life and as I began to do what I do to speak life into others and tell her how I was inspired to start SIS she said 

“I need to check out your group”. “How random was it that I met you tonight and felt the need to share my story with you?”

 I looked to God and said

“it’s not random at all, is it now?” (and I gave him a wink)

I gave her all of the details in addition to some other resources and invited her to share the information with any women in her networks that was in need of support – she immediately thought of another woman she was close to that, from the sound of things, could greatly benefit from the support of SIS. Oh wow, God was on the move tonight! This woman had no idea how much I needed the encouragement contained in that encounter as much as she did. Her words served as confirmation that I was moving in my purpose just as God intended.

Collection of takeaways 

  • As a giver, it’s okay to take some time to give back to yourself. (i.e. rest, relaxation, prayer etc.)
  • Don’t discount the “1” for the “99” (per se) because Jesus care’s as much for one lost sheep as he cares for the majority that he has in his heard
  • Share your testimony as the Holy Spirit guides you so that you may be the giver or recipient of encouragement for others
  • Look for opportunities throughout your day to share encouraging and inspiring words with others because you never know how much that person needed to hear it (especially people who frequently give of themselves to others)
  • Trust that God is faithful and He hears your prayers and supplies all of your needs…if you just have faith

Until next time, stay encouraged and be inspirational.



SIS Sjunseeargn

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