An attitude of gratitude

An attitude of gratitude

I am humbled, grateful and honored that God chose someone like me to reach out to women in my community and help them achieve their personal and professional goals. He blessed me with the education, training, discernment, wisdom and fortitude needed to step out on faith and bring Simply Inspirational Sisters (S.I.S.) to the masses.

I’m so very grateful that God chose to provide me with increase at a time when all I saw was drought and famine surrounding me. He gave me a vision, surrounded me with motivation and inspiration to transition me into my season of abundance.

Most importantly, I am grateful for my friends, our SIS supporters and the brave women who entrust the most fragile part of their spirit to me every day. I DO NOT take your support for granted:

—-whether you LIKED us on Facebook;
—-subscribed to my blog on our website;
—-followed us on Twitter;
—-donated money, time and/or your testimony to help inspire me or others in SIS;
—-gave me the hard truth or the strong push (both out of love for me and my purpose) that I needed to walk out on faith.

I thank each of you for helping me be the best “me” I can be and the Christian God created me to be. I love you!

SIS Sjunseeargn

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