Be careful what you ask for…

Lately I’ve been very overwhelmed with all the responsibility (professionally and personally) that I manage on a daily basis. Discernment tells me this is only for a season and my spirit tells me it’s preparation for more responsibility to come, so I’m not trippin’ because God’s got my me!

As I pray my way through and take time to reconnect, refill and renew my mind with God’s word, I began to ask for some of the desires of my heart. I didn’t know when the help was coming, what form it was coming in or where the help was coming from but I remember saying aloud that “even if I don’t know God, I know YOU do so I’m trusting and faith-walking with you.” And every day since, I’ve been waiting in expectation and anticipation of God’s manifestation.

Well, I started to receive favor in several areas but I just felt like more was coming…and TODAY IT DID! Favor and blessings are starting to overflow in my cup and it’s moving so fast I can barely keep up with God. It’s like being on a rollercoaster ride and you’re slowly moving towards the peak and then you hold your breathe as the ride takes the BIG dive – everything is moving fast; you’re excited; you’re scared but your glad to be on that ride.

Be careful what you for (in Jesus’ name) because you MIGHT JUST GET IT! It may be a bumpy ride with it’s speedy highs and lows but I wouldn’t want to be on that ride with anyone but Jesus!

Stay encouraged so you can be an inspiration to others.

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