FAQ’s – Is Simply Inspirational Sisters (SIS) group for someone like me? ~~~ How can I support Simply Inspirational Sisters (SIS)?

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by to read, share, comment on my latest blog.


I am often asked by men and women alike, two questions that I believe are important to share for your reference and information:

  1. “How do I know if the Simply Inspirational Sisters (SIS) group is for me?”
  2. “How can I help your Simply Inspirational Sisters (SIS) group?”

Answer to question #1 – Are you a woman that has asked yourself these questions:

1 – How did I end up here (in life)?
2 – What keeps triggering my depressed moods?
3 – How do I start dating again and not repeat the same mistakes from my past?
4 – Have I truly forgiven them? (person/people who hurt you) How do I forgive someone?
5 – How do I start over now? (after job loss, relationship over, etc.) 
6- Who am I? I can’t believe this is my life.
7 – How can I afford living on my own and raising my child(ren) with only one income now?
8 – Where can I find help for my child with special needs?
9 – Is there anyone out there who understands what I’m going through?

If you are a woman who has answered yes to one or more of these questions within the past 9 months, then you may find SIS helpful. I invite you to visit our next meeting and see for yourself.

What do you have to lose but a little time spent with some of the most phenomenal women you’ll ever meet?

Answer to question #2 – There are many ways to support Simply Inspirational Sisters (SIS) even if you’re not a woman in need of our support and services (see below or contact me at simplyinspirationalsisters@gmail.com for more information)

1-Facilitate a workshop on mental health, financial management or services for children with special needs.2-Invite women that you believe could benefit from our support/services to attend our group.3-Like SIS on Facebook,  follow SIS on Twitter and invite your networks to do the same 4-Share the SIS website with your networks so they can subscribe to our blog posts 5-Complete an internship or donate your time providing Social Media Marketing services to SIS6-Donate refreshments or meeting space that’s intimate and private for the group’s activities7-Provide feedback/comments or questions via our website or social media outlets8-Donate financial support for our program and service offerings9-Pray for the SIS team for our continued compassion, strength, endurance and inspiration

Well, until next time, keep the questions, comments, suggestions and support coming.

We want to encourage you so you can be an inspiration to others.

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