I will ignore negative thoughts…

Friend, sometimes, we allow words, messages and chatter to get inside our head when we need to dismiss it all. 

The enemy loves planting defeating thoughts in our minds to wage war on our faith in God’s purpose, will and sovereignty in our lives.

But when we are hit with negativity, those messages need to be treated just like mail that the postal worker mistakenly delivers to your house. You have probably experienced this at least once in your life, so you know how it works.

You grab the mail and read the outside of the envelope. Immediately, when you see that it has someone else’s name and address on it, you don’t bother with it. That’s because you know it isn’t for you.

That’s not your mail.

Whatever the contents of the packaging, none of that matters or pertains to you.

~Excerpt from Dianna Hobbs

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