Father’s Day is always hard for me…but today is the most difficult yet.

My father was murdered in front of my mom and I in front of our home when I was just a little girl. Although I don’t remember him, I always grew up knowing I was a daddy’s girl. From the pictures and the stories I could see the resemblance in our looks and our personalities. I always rememebr him on today and his birthday.

With daddy gone, my grandfather was the next “father figure” in my life. He was wise, funny and full or stories. We would take long walks together and I learned so much from listening to him and I learned the peace that comes from just being still. I loved him so much. He was there for my HS graduation which was monumental because I was the first in my family to do so. Sadly, he passed before I graduated college (also a first for my family, but NOT the last – praise God!).

With these two prominent men in my life gone, I looked to my future father-in-law for love, guidance and support. Now I’m divorced and although he still and always will love me, a part of me feels like I lost him also in the divorce. Due to the divorce I also have to spend a considerable amount of time without my children and today I’m REALLY missing my kids.

If you’re father, grandfather, father-in-law or your children are with you today; if you can hug them whenever you want, pray with them at night, kiss them in the morning…. then you are BLESSED beyond measure.

This is a tough season for me but seasons do change and I know God’s in control. Today I’m thankful for the spiritual father God has sent to cover me, pray for me and with me and intercede on my behalf and speak life into me. Without him, I don’t know how I would get through this day. The Lord gives and He takes away but without Him I couldn’t get through ANY day. Thank you Jesus for being my comforter, my provider and my intercessor on days like today when my heart is so heavy. Joy WILL come in the morning.


Happy Father’s Day God!  I love you.

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