Parent Support

Being a responsible parent is hard work…all day, every day. Being a mother of children with special needs is all the more challenging. Both scenarios have their rewards but when you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed and feel like you just don’t know how to keep it all going you have S.I.S. to support you. Collectively, we can identify and overcome some of the challenges that at times only another single-mother can understand.

Whether recent changes in your relationship have forced you to transition into single-parenting, or you’re still in a relationship and struggling to be “Super Woman”, or you’ve always been a single-parent and you’re struggling to stay afloat – we want to inspire, educate and encourage you to get through this difficult time before you buckle under the pressure. As caregivers, we have to make time and take time to care for ourselves so that we can be what our children need in mind, body and spirit.

One thought on “Parent Support

  1. Single Mothers, there is something you should always remember, and not take to heart while raising sons. No matter how strong you are, no matter how much you teach or provide, and no matter how loving you can be toward your boy(s); you cannot take the place of his father or a positive male role model, in his life.

    So find that special male who can sow into his life. It can be a loved one, a blood relative or a spiritual family member to come along beside you. He can help guide him into becoming a responsible and positive young man in society, with his family, and who will faithfully walk with God. Do not let your past hurts with men come into play while dealing with him. He is not the one that hurt you! Work through and release your baggage.

    We can teach our boys many things however you cannot teach him how to be a man. We are not men Ladies, so please do not try to act like one.
    Be Blessed.


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